Playing ATVs in Bali with family is one of the activities that can be used as an option for outdoor activities in Bali, especially during a pandemic like now, because the activities are carried out in the open and can be done in small groups to avoid crowds. We ourselves had time to play BALI ATV RIDE with the children twice, namely in Gianyar (forest landscape) and near Tanah Lot (coastal landscape). Both have different sensations. Here’s our full review of playing ATV in Bali with family.

Locations to Play ATV in Bali with Family In general, there are two main locations where ATV operators are in Bali, namely: In Gianyar area (near Ubud area), In Tabanan (near Tanah Lot area). Both have different terrain and challenges, so it can be adjusted to the circumstances, abilities and also the atmosphere you feel. Here are complete details of each location for playing ATV in Bali with family.

Playing ATV Bali Ubud With the conditions of the surrounding hills and rivers that are interesting to explore using an ATV, the area around Ubud (starting from Singapadu to Payangan) has many ATV operators. Highlights when playing ATV at this location are: we will pass a lot of hilly terrain, rice fields, caves and also small rivers. Usually, ATV play activities will start from flat terrain in the rice fields to practice first, then we will start being invited down a fairly steep hill to go down to a forest area and shallow river that can be explored using an ATV, we can even find some small waterfalls to moderate in some spots.

After that, we will venture into a long cave that is sized just right for ATVs — and this is SUPER FUN because apart from being dark, the sensation of entering the cave makes our adrenaline spike. Then, we will go back through the forest to the rice fields by climbing a fairly steep hill as well. Anyway, before playing ATV in Bali with family, Lala and Kai, we warned them first so they knew that we would be with them even though we were going through extreme or dark terrain, so they wouldn’t be afraid when playing.

This terrain is quite challenging, even for adults, because the hill is quite steep so it requires strong stamina to be able to hold the ATV position when queuing in a group. However, the operators here have been quite dexterous and always keep us informed pro-actively, so we can know what lies ahead. Most importantly, stay calm and focused.

Even though the price includes insurance, it’s better not to use it, right? For children, because they are ‘tandem’ or carried (in front or behind) with us, it really doesn’t matter as long as they wear a belt that is tight enough and safe. Our own operators provide cloth that can be used to tie them to our bodies so they don’t fall — but it would be nice if we brought our own carrier, like Eko who uses the Baby Ergo Carrier to carry Kai more safely.

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Playing Balinese ATV at Tanah Lot Tabanan Another option for playing ATV in Bali with your family is in the Kerambitan Tabanan area which is not far from Tanah Lot and Canggu. The highlight of playing ATV in this area is the wide beach area and a few rice fields that tend to be flat. Like previous experiences, ATV activities start from a flat area to practice — in this case, the rice fields. After that, we will pass a little road leading to a very wide beach.

The black sand beach has a very long coastline and we will also pass through the mouth of the river, pass some beautiful coral cliffs, there is even a small waterfall that empties into the beach. If we still have time, we can also ask to stop by the hill area through a small path in the forest area to enjoy the view from the top of the hill.

Playing ATV in this beach area tends to be more relaxed and less physically exhausting than playing in hilly areas. In addition, we can also more freely direct the ATV and increase speed. The bonus: because it faces west, we can also enjoy a beautiful view of the sunset while playing ATV, which is perfect for taking photos because we can stop at any time on a flat and wide landscape.

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