Three Excellent River Rafting Bali Ubub Options to Consider – First and foremost, have you ever considered trying Best whitewater rafting in Bali? You will attempt many intriguing and exciting things in Bali by engaging in Bali water rafting activities. You must also pick a Bali Ubud water rafting adventure that will leave a mark on you.

Aside from that, you can take in the breathtaking surroundings along the Bali Ubub river rafting path. As a result, this is the most exciting sport you will encounter while in Bali.

There may be an opportunity for you to get out of the city and exercise. The Bali water rafting tour is one of the most popular water sports activities for explorers. Rafting in Bali has been able to deliver exhilaration, excitement, and a sensation of memories and an amazing Bali Ubud water rafting experience for more than ten years.

Furthermore, the nature of the rivers in Bali is ideal for first-time rafters. Which can assist you in finding rafting spots.
Rafting in Bali Prices are reasonable because they range from 200,000 to 600,000. For this fee, you may already sample the thrill of rafting activities in Ubud Bali for an amazing time with your family and friends.
There are still three great river rafting in Bali Ubub that are appropriate for rafting activities in Bali, namely:

  • Ubud’s Ayung River.
  • Karangasem’s Telaga Waja River.
  • Bakas Klungkung Village’s Melangit River.
  1. Ayung River in Ubud
    Furthermore, the Ayung River is located in the village of Payangan, Ubud, Bali. Ubud, as most tourists are aware, is one of the best destinations to visit in Bali. To go to the best rafting in Bali spot on the Ayung River in Ubud, you must travel for at least one hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport.
    Other trips will pass you by on your way to the Ayung River in Ubud. Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach, and Denpasar are just a few examples. Most visitors refer to the Ayung rafting excursion in Ubud as a Bali Ubud water rafting adventure.
    The Ayung River in Ubud has a 13-kilometer white-water rafting path, for your information. Based on the beginning point, it takes 2.5 hours to go to the end point. While white water rafting down the Ayung River. Aside from that, you can take pictures while floating along the Ayung river with a backdrop of Balinese carving and inventiveness, which spans hundreds of meters.
  2. River Telaga Waja
    Furthermore, the Telaga Waja Karangasem River will provide you with a very different Bali water rafting experience than the Ayung River in Ubud. The Telaga Waja Karangasem River offers the longest rafting tour route.
    The Telaga Waja Karangasem river runs for approximately 16 kilometers from its beginning to its end. As a result, the 16-kilometer Telaga Waja rafting track takes between 2.5 and 3 hours to complete.
  3. Bakasi Village’s Melangit River
    Bakas Levi Rafting, which offers almost the same thing as the Telaga Waja River, is one of the leading Bali water rafting adventure companies on the Melangit River today. Because the location is remote from the city and the forest remains natural.

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