How to find and rent a car

Travelocity is taking the first step toward creating a digital transportation network that provides consumers with an online platform to find a car rental agency.

The travel website is adding a new service for customers to rent and drive cars in Savannah.

The new service, called Savannah Car Rentals, is an integrated online portal for consumers to find car rental companies.

Travelocity’s Savannah Car Rental service allows consumers to rent, manage and drive a car in Savannah, GA.

The service allows users to check availability, price, and rental availability.

Users can find a particular car rental company by selecting a destination, and the service will provide a list of available car rentals in the area.

Savannah Car Rental will provide customers with a convenient online search and navigation tool to find the best car rental options in their area, according to a statement from the company.

“Savannah has the largest city in Georgia and has one of the fastest growing populations in the state,” said Dan Smith, chief operating officer for Travelocity.

“With this new service we will be making it easier for our customers to find, choose, and stay in the best Savannah car rental businesses.”

Savannah Cars has been in the Atlanta metro area since 2010.

Travelocity acquired Savannah Cars in 2016 for $1.6 million.

The company will open new Savannah locations in Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina and South Dakota.

Travelers can search for a car at Savannah Cars by selecting the state from the list on the homepage, then selecting the city or zip code from the drop-down menu, according the company’s website.

Savansay Cars is available through the travel websites, and

It will be available to consumers in South Dakota, Arkansas, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana and Tennessee, according a company press release.

Travelcards is also adding the service.

The Atlanta-based travel company is the largest and most profitable travel booking company in the U.S. Travelcards has more than 500,000 active credit card users and more than 5,000 drivers nationwide, according spokeswoman Erin Paine.

Travelcard also has a digital platform for customers, Travelcards for Travelers, which provides the most comprehensive travel booking tool on the web, according Paine, who noted that Travelcards will be the first online travel company to add Savannah Cars to its platform.

TravelCard has more to offer for Savannah residents than just the car rental service.

The company is also a major player in the Georgia economy.

According to the state Department of Economic Development, Travelcard provides more than 2.5 million jobs in the region, with about 10 percent of those in Georgia.

Travelcard is a full service travel provider, providing travel, lodging, and other services to travelers across Georgia.

The Savannah Car Renter program will be launched with a pilot in Georgia this spring, Travelocity said in a statement.

The Savannah Carrentals will also be available through a pilot program in South Carolina.