How to get a car rental in Peru?

A car rental agency in Peru says the market for foreign cars is booming.

“There’s so much demand for foreign car rentals,” said María Elena Martinez, vice-president of the Car Rentals of Peru, who added that foreigners have been arriving to the country in increasing numbers.

“A lot of foreigners are coming here to work in Peru and they’re trying to find jobs, they want to make a living and they want a nice car,” she told Al Jazeera.

Martinez said the market was growing and her agency was now seeing foreign tourists seeking to rent a car.

“People are coming in from all over the world to do their car rental business, so we’re seeing a lot of foreign car rental businesses in the area,” she said.

Her business has seen some big changes.

Since the end of 2015, more than 60,000 foreign tourists have booked a car for a month, up from the previous peak of 60,700 in October 2016.

Martez added that there had also been a significant increase in the number of foreign students arriving in Peru, with the number coming from countries such as the US and Europe.

“We’ve had more students come here [since the beginning of the year] and we’re expecting another increase in that coming in next year,” she explained.

Martello said her agency had also seen a significant rise in foreign tourists renting a car, as well as people looking for accommodation, particularly in remote areas of the country.

The agency said that in 2016, about 80 per cent of the foreign tourists who visited Peru stayed for two weeks or more, while in 2017, the figure was between 60 and 70 per cent.

“It’s a very difficult business to manage,” she added.

The number of foreigners coming to Peru for car rentals has been increasing since the end.

Martoso said that her agency did not see any difference in the price of the cars they were renting compared to the prices paid by local residents.

“What we do not do is compare the prices in Peru to the cost in other countries, because the prices are so much higher,” she stated.

“We try to give our clients the best price we can, and we try to offer a good experience.”