Lyft rideshare app Kulp, a car rental company, launches in San Francisco

Kulp is now offering car rental in San Franciscos new public housing developments.

The service launched in late April.

The app lets users pick their car rental vehicle, rent it online, and pay via cash or credit card.

The company is currently accepting deposits for new vehicles and is in the process of adding additional rentals.

The new San Francisco car rental service has two main benefits: it lets residents rent cars in the new public space, and it helps reduce housing costs.

The companies cars are available for rent in public housing and other subsidized housing units, so residents can rent for a period of time without having to worry about how much they’re going to pay.

In addition to the new rental option, the new car rental app lets residents pick their vehicle rental vehicle online, pay via Cash or credit cards, and use their own money to rent a vehicle for a specific amount of time.

“The new Kulp car sharing service is a significant step in San Franciso’s drive to get more affordable housing in public, subsidized housing,” said Scott Pomerantz, CEO of Kulp.

“It’s also a step in ensuring that the residents of San Francisco and our region are not priced out of affordable housing and can continue to live their lives in San Jose.”

The company currently serves more than 10,000 residents in the San Francisco area.

Kulp said the service will allow residents of all income levels to rent vehicles for a set number of days.

The cars available to rent include two luxury vehicles and a Toyota Camry.

Residents can also rent vehicles from public housing, subsidized rental units, and other public housing facilities.

Residents rent their cars using a number of payment options.

Cash, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards are accepted for rental of cars.

The current option is Paypal, but Kulp plans to allow other payment methods to be used.

Renting a vehicle requires a vehicle registration and insurance, which can be done online.

Kurtis owners monthly rent fee is $50 per month, and he said his monthly rental fee will be $50, up to $1,000 per month.

Pomeranz said that Kulp will not be charging for a rental of a vehicle unless residents pay the $50 monthly fee in full.

Renters will also be able to share the car with other residents and rent them on the app.

Kushim, a mobile payments app launched by Uber and Airbnb, has also recently added car rental.

The ride-hailing company says its app allows users to book a vehicle through a number a different payment methods.

Uber, for example, can use a credit card to rent the vehicle.

Users pay the fee upfront.

The monthly rent fees can be up to 50 percent of the rental price, and users can also use a debit card.

Permananz said Kushimbai is not yet in SanFrancisco, but that he is planning to expand to the city this year.

Kulk, a startup that connects people with housing in cities around the world, recently launched in the Bay Area.

The San Francisco app lets renters rent vehicles.

The Kulk app lets people rent cars, rent them online, or pay via credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

Users can pick their cars based on their ZIP code, which allows them to choose the vehicles they need.

“We are excited to be launching in SanFranco with a new partner,” said David Gersh, CEO and cofounder of Kulk.

“Our new SanFranciscos app allows our customers to choose from a broad range of rental vehicles, and we are working with other partners to deliver the best mobile experience possible.”