When it comes to car rental apps, the real question is ‘why?’

When it came to car rentals, the Indian government has come up with a lot of apps to help with the task of finding a place to live.

But what is a car rental service?

And how does it work?

The answers are not as simple as the app companies want you to think.

Car rental app owners and their users have their own opinions on the matter, and it’s a tough business.

Here’s a look at some of the best car rental services and their pros and cons.

The top five best car rentals in IndiaAamir Khan’s Aamir: Aamira, which is a direct competitor to Uber, offers an app that allows you to book a car in minutes.

Aamiri has a large network of over 1,000 car rental companies in India.

In addition to this, the app has a huge network of car rental agents and car rental brokers who can help you with your search.

AAMIR: A AMIR car rental company in New Delhi.

It has over 1 lakh cars available.

If you book your car through the app, you’ll have to pay the standard rate of Rs 3,000 per day.

A AMINCAR: AAMIN car rental firm in Mumbai, which has over 7,000 cars available in its fleet.

The company also has an option to rent a car directly to its clients.

AIMCAR: The AIM CAR rental firm is based in Bengaluru, India.

The firm has over 15,000 vehicles available for rental.

AINDARAM: AINDA car rental in Chennai, India has over 17,000 rental cars available to lease.

AISCAR: This company in Mumbai offers car rental from 1 to 6 months in a row.

It also offers leasing options of between one and three months.

AITARCAR: There is also a leasing company called AITA, which allows you take a vehicle from 1 month to one year in a rental deal.

The car will cost you Rs 7,500 per month.

These companies charge a flat fee of Rs 10,000 for a one-year lease.

In order to book your vehicle, you need to have a vehicle rental license and provide the vehicle number, date of birth, and the name of the driver.

There is no charge for signing the rental contract.

The vehicle is not insured.

If your car breaks down, the vehicle is also not covered by insurance.

The price depends on the availability of the vehicle.

In case of accident, the owner has the right to recover a portion of the damages.

The best car-rental app in IndiaWhen you book a vehicle through the AAMI, you pay Rs 1,500 for the vehicle rental and a further Rs 2,000 in monthly rental fee.

There are no rental insurance and car insurance costs.

You also need to pay for maintenance, insurance and insurance agent fees.

The AAMi also offers an option for a leasing service for between one month and three years.

AAVAR: AAVA car renting in Mumbai is one of the largest rental companies based in India, and offers car rentals from 1-6 months in advance.

The agency has over 3,500 vehicles in its inventory.

It charges a flat rate of between Rs 6,000 and Rs 12,000.

ABAVAR: Another company that offers car- rentals in Mumbai.

This one has over 14,000 units available for rent.

It comes with a car insurance policy of Rs 2.5 lakh per vehicle, which covers the damage to the vehicle if the car breaks.

The rates for leasing vary according to the availability and the length of time the vehicle will be rented.

ABSCAR: Another one of AAVAs car rental options.

The app allows you book rental in advance for up to six months in the future.

There also is an option of leasing the vehicle for up a year for Rs 3 lakh per month per vehicle.

The leasing fee is Rs 4,500.

ABIAR: The leasing company in Bengal, India offers leasing to its customers from one month to three years in advance through the leasing portal.

AIBAR: This one in Mumbai has over 4,000 vehicle rentals in its network.

AIACAR: According to AIA, this one in Bengal has over 2,500 car rentals available for leasing.

The rate for leasing varies according to number of rental vehicles available.

There’s no fee for signing a rental contract, but the leasing fee depends on availability of vehicles.

AICAR: There are two leasing companies in Mumbai which have over 2.4 lakh cars in their inventory.

These cars are insured by AICARS insurance company, which can be insured at Rs 5 lakh per car.

AIGCAR:AIG is one car rental agency based in Mumbai and is one the top car rental agencies in India with over 10,500 rental cars in its arsenal.

The main benefit of AIG is its high-quality vehicle