How to rent an SUV on Craigslist in Vancouver

A Craigslist ad for a “luxury SUV” in Vancouver seems to be the best way to rent a car in Vancouver, as the advertised price is $5,000 per month and you can even rent a second vehicle.

The ad, posted to the popular Vancouver car-rental site Craigslist, features a photograph of a Mercedes Benz S550 SUV and the words “Vancouver, BC” next to it.

A caption reads, “You know what?

If you’re looking for an awesome vehicle for your home, try the Mercedes Benz.”

The ad is clearly a promotion to attract customers to the site, as it’s been up for more than a month and has attracted more than 5,000 people.

But the advert is not just another example of marketing to attract potential buyers, as Craigslist has also been known to offer incentives to people who use the site.

“If you’re a new customer, if you’re in the market for a new car, or just looking to buy a car and want to see what other people are getting, this is probably the best option,” Craigslist Vancouver spokesman Scott De La Rue said.

“We want to encourage new customers and current users alike to use the service, so we’re also looking to offer rewards for them to use it more often.”

The Craigslist ad is being advertised as a rental deal, but there’s no mention of the car’s price.

Craigslist has no guidelines for listing vehicles.

“You can see that the vehicle itself has been listed, but the car itself has not been listed,” De La Rute said.

De La Rue says the ad is in reference to a “limited time” sale, and not the car being offered for rent.

He added that the site doesn’t offer any cash car rental options and that it is more likely a promotional offer.

“The car itself is listed as a $5k rental.

We know that the car was advertised for $5.00 per month, and we know that we can rent a 2WD, a 4WD, and even a hybrid car for $2,500 a month,” he said.

“So, if we’re going to give them a $5000 rental price, we’re just asking that you make that offer.”

De La Rutes told CBC News he could not confirm whether the car is the Mercedes that was advertised in the ad, or if it’s a second car or just a car with the same name.

The dealership has not responded to CBC News’ requests for comment.

De la Rue says Craigslist is currently working on a new feature that will allow people to rent cars for a fixed price, but said the feature is in its early stages.