How to get a car rental for Rs. 12,500-14,500 in Kerala

Rupa Rao, a mother-of-two who is living in Ernakulam with her husband and two daughters, is a car rental agent with two locations in Kerala.

Rupapathi Rao, 25, who is also a driver, was in Ernaksverdu, the capital of Kerala, when she met her husband in the morning to pick up their daughter from school.

Her husband is a mechanic, and Rupacarya works in a petrol pumps.

“It was just a day of normal life.

We went out to buy groceries.

The whole day was very normal.

But then, at 4.45 pm, the whole world turned into a nightmare.

My husband and I were attacked by two armed men in a car, and our daughter and I had to be rescued by our neighbour,” Rupaa told Al Jazeera.

Rupapati was the third of the three to be attacked.

Her daughter was not hurt.

“They tried to kill us, but they failed,” she said.

Rajesh, an engineer and father of two, said he went to his neighbour’s house after seeing the attackers, to help his wife and daughters.

“There were five of them.

They were all wearing black.

They said, ‘We are going to attack you’.

I tried to stop them, but it was too late,” he said.

The attackers broke into the house, and they took Rs 12,000 from his savings account.

“We were taken to the local police station and booked for kidnapping and abduction.

I was beaten severely,” Rajesh said.

But Rajesh, who works as a taxi driver, managed to get his money back and was released.

He was told by the local station that the police were investigating.

Rakesh, a car driver, said the attackers did not have guns.

“I don’t have anything against them.

But if you have nothing to hide, why should they take our money?” he said, adding that he had a pistol with him.”

The police were not ready to register an FIR.

I am not happy that we had to fight against these thugs.

The police should register an investigation against these criminals,” he added.

A family of three living in Kannur is among those who are victims of kidnapping and abductions.

“We were attacked, and we were also taken hostage.

I got my husband and children back.

They took them to the police station, and the police took us to the hospital,” Rakesh said.”

A group of people from the nearby locality came to our house.

They attacked us, and I was hit with a brick.

My daughter and three of my children were also injured.

The attackers tried to take the children.

They have no gun,” he continued.

Ramesh, the father of one of the girls, was kidnapped along with his two children.

“My daughter was kidnapped by these people.

They abducted my wife and one of my daughters.

They then took the girls and their two sons.

My son was taken away by the same group.

My family is in distress.

They kidnapped my husband, and my two children,” Ramesh said, explaining that he and his wife were kidnapped along by the attackers.

Ramanesh, the mother of one the girls was abducted in front of her house.

“They attacked us in front.

They tried to kidnap my daughter, but I managed to save her.

I called the police, and police rescued my wife, and she was taken to hospital,” she told Aljazeera.

Rama Rao, an assistant manager of the car rental company, was at his shop when the kidnapping happened.

“When I was working, I went out and saw a group of armed men who came to my shop.

They stole my car, my cash and my mobile phone,” Rama Rao said.

He also said the gang had guns.

Ramasha, the owner of the taxi company, said they were the victims of a kidnapping.

“The kidnappers used to come to our shop, and steal our customers.

They used to go into the premises.

When we asked them to leave, they threatened us, saying they would kill us if we refused,” she added.

“If we refuse, they would hit us,” Ramasha said.

According to the Kerala police, they are investigating the case.

Police said the kidnappers have not yet been identified.