How to pay for car rental in Dublin – with Uber’s UberCard

The Dublin City Council has launched an online portal to help drivers book taxis and hire cars for passengers.

Dublin City Council says its launch of the CarRental website will help customers with the process of getting around the city.

“The website will provide an online platform for individuals, businesses and organisations to request a car rental for short periods of time,” said a spokesperson for the council.

“With the launch of this portal, people can quickly and easily access all the services they need to get around the Dublin City.”

This service will help facilitate the efficient and safe operation of Dublin City’s transport network.

“The council says the new portal is the first in the country and will help with the logistics of booking taxis.

Dubai has been trying to attract drivers and drivers to its roads by offering incentives to get people to take public transport, which has seen a surge in demand in recent months.

The city also launched an app called CarRent, which allows users to book and book private cars in the city for a limited time.

Dubois was the first to implement UberCard, which gives residents of Dublin an option to pay cash or pay with credit card.

Dubish drivers have also been hit by the city’s congestion and has seen an increase in traffic, particularly around Dublin’s airport.