New Nashville car rental service says it’s not just about cars, but about people

NASHVILLE — New Nashville car rentals service The Cars of Nashville, which is based in Nashville, has opened its doors in the city and will soon be able to operate in Nashville’s south.

The Cars of Nashua has been operating in the Nashville area since January of 2016, according to company spokesperson, Jennifer J. Williams.

The company, which has had over 100,000 customers, will be opening a new Nashville location in the next few weeks, and Williams said it would be expanding to the south as well.

She added that the company is working with several local agencies, including the Nashville Public Library, the City of Nashville Department of Health and the Nashville Department for Human Services to develop plans to serve the area.

Williams said The Cars is the first car rental company to have a local location in Nashville and has been in the area since late 2016.

She said the company has a lot of history in Nashville.

“We’ve had many different car rental companies here and we’ve always been a family owned business,” Williams said.

Williams said the car rental industry in Nashville is very diverse and she believes the Cars of Tennessee will be able serve the city well.

Williams added that The Cars also offers a car rental package with a variety of car options, including electric, hybrid, gas, hybrid-electric, and full-size cars.

Williams said they will continue to offer car rental services in the future.

According to the company’s website, The Cars has a fleet of about 30 cars.

While the Nashville location will be the first in the region, Williams said Nashville could soon have other locations in the southern part of the state.