If you’re planning to travel to Germany and you take your American appliances there are a few things you need to examine.

First , you should know that the majority of American appliances are built to run on 110 volts. Most German appliances are made to operate on 220 voltages. So if you connect an American stereo, razor, computer, etc ., into an German outlet, it could destroy it! There are two prongs, and it’s very difficult to commit this mistake but outlet adapters can be purchased and this happens often. The reason why adapters are sold is due to the fact that some American appliances are Dual Voltage and can operate off 110 or 220.

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To determine if your appliance is Dual-Voltage , review the power information on the appliance or the appliance itself or on the power box attached to the cord. If you’re still having trouble finding the info, check the user’s manual. If your appliance isn’t dual voltage, the only choice you have in order to use for use in Germany is to purchase an energy converter.

Power converters can be bought via the internet (of course) or in select hardware and appliance stores. If you’re allowed access to a U.S. Army base in Germany You can buy one from the Post Exchange.

When you select your power converter make sure it’s converts 220 volts to 110 volts and not the other way around. After that, you must select the correct size power converter that you’ll require to power your device(s) this will be fairly easy to understand. Be sure to check the output power of your device and make sure it is equal to or below, below is suggested what the transformer’s output is.

Certain alarm clocks/clocks can be slower or more efficient than usual even if the clock is dual-voltage. The only way to stop this is to be certain this clock’s high quality and is relatively new. If the clock is wired into a power converter this shouldn’t cause any problems.

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