Antalya is Turkey’s major and beautiful holiday destination that is located in the Mediterranean region which is called the ancient Pamphylia. It’s a stunning city with its palm-lined alley. A magnificent marina is situated on the Mediterranean which makes Antalya unique. It is an amazing place in Turkey which is moreover good for natural beauty and not anything artificial.

There are many grand and impressive historical monuments that will amaze the visitors. Antalya contains various waterfalls and cascades that can be experienced thoroughly. The captivating beauty of the cascades will entice visitors and leaves an impression on them for the duration of their vacation.

Upper Duden waterfalls are located around 14 km to the north of Antalya. The visitors who visit want to take in this beauty by walking instead than hiring taxis. Being awestruck by every step is different than just passing by. The Duden waterfalls eventually flow into the sea. The sounds of the waterfalls , and the peaceful ambience soothe the minds of the viewers.

The Duden Falls in Antalya are also accessible from the ocean. Another stunning waterfalls that can be observed here are Kursunlu Waterfalls and Nilufer Lake. These beauty icons are located just 18 km away from Antalya and are the pinnacle of beauty. The Lara beach is scattered with sand. It is an archetype for a white bed scattered with sandy sand.

A little closer to Antalya is an unspoilt beach called Konyaalti Beach which presents a panoramic view of the majestic mountain range. In a short distance to the south is Bey Dagi called the Olympos which is the National Park along with the Topcam Beach equipping more lavish views. There are bivouac grounds at the north end in the Park. This shelterin turn can withstand the beauty of the natural surroundings.

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If you want to enjoy a beautiful look at the neighborhood of Antalya It is vital to drive to the complex for holidays, which is situated at the Mount Tunektepe Hill. Antalya is a fantastic winter getaway in Turkey. There are huge mountains covered in snow which may be enjoyed on skis. The months of March and April can be great months to enjoy this. Lunch is served in a savoury way with fresh fish available at the Marina. In the afternoon sunshine, sunbath, and surfing in the wind can be enjoyed.

Duzlercami Park that is positioned in the north of Antalya is under conservation programs. The journey to this natural habitat is stopped by the breathtaking Guver Canyon which is 115 meters deep. There is small museum in Antalya. Majority of the artifacts are being displayed in museums that are scattered throughout Turkey. An Archaeological Museum that has the remains that date back to the Paleolithic Age to Ottoman times presents a breathtaking glimpse of this region’s rich and fascinating history.

Antalya can be described as a natural expedition by feeling nature’s beauty. Shopping isn’t a major event in this city. The reason people come here is the vast universe of beauty and vitality. There is however no boredom or fatigue as happens in other resorts. There are many things to keep you captivated for a while before reaching the stunning beautiful beauty that is Antalya.

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