Trump tweets about ‘bad’ gas prices

Trump, in his first tweet since the government shut down on Monday, slammed the “good gas prices” on Twitter.

Trump tweeted about the low gas prices during his visit to Nashville last week, calling them “very good,” saying “good” gas prices were a “fraud” and urging people to “get a truck.”

He also said “bad” gas was costing him money.

The president also tweeted about Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, who has promised to sign legislation making it harder for Tennesseans to get drivers’ licenses in the state.

Trump said Haslam’s legislation would “create a lot of problems” for drivers.

“Tennessee Governor Bill Islam has signed legislation making Tennessee drivers even more difficult to get a license in the future.

The new law will force Tennessean drivers to take more of an oath to the Constitution, and is expected to create a lot more problems for drivers,” Trump said.

The Tennessee legislature has not scheduled hearings for the governor’s bill, but lawmakers could consider it during the 2018 session.

The state’s attorney general, Brett Ligon, has also said he would not pursue the governor to stop the bill from taking effect.