When car rental company reno gets sued, its ‘biggest problem’

Car rental company Reno has filed a lawsuit against the City of Honolulu, claiming the city “failed to enforce” its parking requirements for its car rental vehicles.

Reno said it “is not only disappointed by the city’s refusal to implement the Parking Permit Renewal Program, but is also concerned that the City may not implement the program’s enforcement objectives in a timely manner, which will adversely impact the number of car rental operators and the number who will be able to operate in the city.”

In an email to the Honolulu City Council on Monday, the company said the lawsuit is the result of the city not enforcing the parking rules for its parking permits issued to Reno vehicles.

The city, Reno said, has “failed in its duty of enforcement of the Parking and Parking Permits Ordinance and in other matters in relation to the Parking permit renewal program.”

The city’s Department of Land Management issued a parking permit renewal notice to Reyes vehicles on Feb. 5, 2018.

Reyes said it had already applied for a permit and would be applying for a second permit in 2019.

The City of Hawaii has not issued a permit for Reyes cars to park in Honolulu since January.

In an emailed statement to the Hawaii Star-Advertiser, Reyes CEO David Cramer said the company is “disappointed that we were not able to obtain a permit to operate the Reno Car Rental vehicle rental facility in Honolulu.”

Cramer added that the company has “an abundance of other options” for the city, including leasing cars and leasing vehicles for rent.

“We are currently pursuing other options with the City, but as of today, we have no plans to open our vehicle rental facilities in the City,” he said.

Reyes said in its lawsuit that “the City failed to enforce the parking requirements and in addition, the City failed in its obligation to ensure that Reyes vehicle rental properties are properly maintained and secured to ensure they are safe and secure to operate.”

It is unclear what the city plans to do about the lawsuit, which was filed Monday.

Cramer did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.