Which is the best car rental in Tulsa?

Philadelphians who want to live and work in Tulsa can now get a brand-new car rental.

The city council passed a resolution to extend the rental term from two years to three.

That means the new lease is valid through March 2019.

For some, that may not be enough time to find a new car.

The new leases are also for renters who want a longer lease term.

For example, a three-year lease would have cost $1,700 per month, and the new one would have been $1 to $1.50 per month.

The resolution said the city’s car rental program is not designed to attract or retain renters.

But some local businesses are concerned about losing customers, and some landlords are considering changing their leasing terms.

Lyft is testing its own car rental app in Ohio

The ride-hailing service Lyft has partnered with car rental companies to test its own app in Cleveland, Ohio.

Lyft has partnered up with Car2Go to rent a Tesla Model S in Cleveland for $75 per hour.

Car2Go, the ride-sharing app owned by General Motors, is partnering with Lyft to test the Lyft app in the Cleveland area.

The company, which is based in Detroit, has a fleet of 200 vehicles.

In addition to the Uber-like UberX, Lyft also has Lyft Go, a more traditional service where passengers hop on a Lyft car in front of a customer.

Lyndsey Hays, Lyft’s vice president of business development, told CNBC that they are testing the app in two locations.

Lyx’s own app will be launched this fall, but Lyft has already partnered up to bring Uber’s service to the Cleveland market.

The Cleveland-based company announced that it is testing the service on the west side of the city, and the service will be rolled out to the east side this fall.

Lyferay is a ride-share service that allows passengers to request rides and book rides with one of Lyft’s vehicles.

Users can also rent a car using a smartphone app.

The company has partnered Lyft with Car 2Go, which has a Tesla model S in its fleet.

The cars have a range of 250 miles and can be parked for up to three hours, according to a company statement.

The Lyft app allows users to rent cars for as little as $75 for a one-hour period.

Lyft has a service called UberX that allows customers to pay for rides using their smartphone.

The service is a hybrid between Uber and a traditional car rental service.