When you have to buy a car to make it on Airbnb: How to avoid the car rental tax

Airbnb has started charging a fee to book an Airbnb car rental, a move that is expected to raise more than $2 billion a year for the company.

The company is set to begin charging a 1% hotel occupancy tax on car rentals within the US in 2018.

The tax applies to people renting their homes from other people, or in other countries, rather than individuals.

The US tax law requires that the company collect a tax on the occupancy of homes rented to tourists or other travellers.

But Airbnb has not been clear about what, if any, taxes it would be charging and whether the company is obliged to collect it.

Airbnb has said it does not collect taxes, but the company has a lot of properties in the US, and that many hotels in those areas have had to close due to hotel occupancy and the need for hotel workers.

It is not yet clear what the new tax will mean for other countries that do not have a hotel occupancy charge.

In Australia, the tax is only applicable to the first 30 days of a booking.

However, a separate tax law allows travellers to avoid paying the tax if they book through an authorised third party.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said the new measure could result in a revenue loss of more than US$2 billion.

Airbnb said the revenue loss would be offset by increased revenues from the hotel occupancy levy, as well as reduced costs of renting.

Airbnb’s chief operating officer Rob Goldstone said the tax was a “good start” to reducing the company’s global footprint and increasing revenue for the US.