The Most Expensive Car Rental in Los Angeles County: CVS | Lexus

CVS car rental in Los Angles, California, has seen a significant uptick in recent months, according to new data from the National Geographic Traveler Database.

According to the database, the average CVS rental costs $933.75, which makes it the most expensive car rental around Los Angeles.

The average Lexus rental costs about $1031.50, while the average Honda rental costs around $879.50.

However, prices for used cars have dropped considerably over the last few months.

The database also revealed that the median price for a used car in Los Angelas has dropped by about $5,000 since October.

The most expensive used car rental across all the major car rental services in Los Angels is a Mercedes S Class rental at $1,095.75.

The National Geographic database shows that a Mercedes-Benz S Class, as well as the Lexus LFA, are among the most common cars that are rented in Los Santos.

According to the data, the Lexuses and Mercedes are by far the most popular used cars in Los Altos.

The median age of a Lexus is 29.1 years old and the median age for a Lexuses rental is 33.2 years old.

The Mercedes S class is the most frequently rented car in the city of Los Angeles, according the data.

However the median lease price for the Lexuss rental is $1.8 million.

The Lexus luxury sedan rental has the lowest lease price at $7,000.

The median age and rental age of the Lexis rental is also the same for both the Honda and CVS cars, the National Geographics database shows.

The data shows that the average rent for a CVS lease in Los Aptos, California is $9,744.63, while a Lexis lease in the same city is $10,858.50 and a Lexos lease is $11,914.80.

The average CVC lease in LA County is $719.84 and the average Lexis leasing is $8,936.00.

The most expensive rental in LA is the $1 million Honda rental at about $734,000, according National Geographic.