The island of Bali, which is filled with dozens of tourist areas, is indeed a paradise for Indonesia. Apart from enjoying the exotics scenery, you can also try various rides, one of which is ATV. It’s a shame if you visit there but don’t get to experience Bali ATV ride.

If for flat terrain anyone can ride this vehicle. Unfortunately for extreme fields required experience and qualified skills. But take it easy for those of you who are beginners but want to ride an ATV on steep terrain, you can listen to the tips below!
Tips for a Safe and Fun Bali ATV Riding Experience

  1. Learn ATV Riding Techniques
    One of the things that you must prepare when you want to ride an ATV is to master the technique. Actually, how to use an ATV is almost the same as a motorcycle.
    The difference lies in how to drive the vehicle. For ATVs, how to accelerate is done by pressing the button on the left handlebar. Meanwhile, gas motorbikes are on the right.
    But don’t worry, before going on an adventure with ATVs in Bali, you will be briefed first by the operator. The briefing includes how to operate, the terrain to be traversed, and giving some tips.
  2. Fulfill Security Equipment
    The second tip that you can do when you are going to drive an ATV is to use safety equipment. This equipment includes a helmet, knee protectors, and boots. These three safety equipments do not need to be brought from home. Because it has been provided by the management and is included in the rental price.
    As for its function, of course we all already know that a helmet is useful for protecting the head from impact. Meanwhile, boots protect the feet from the heat of the ATV engine as well as sharp plants during the trip.
  3. Follow the Instruction Guide
    Throughout the trip exploring Bali with ATV visitors will be guided and supervised by a guide. The guide is responsible for giving directions and giving instructions on what to do. For safety and security, you should follow and listen to what the tour guide has instructed.
  4. Don’t Lower Your Feet When the ATV Is Running
    One thing you should avoid when driving an ATV is putting your feet down. If your feet are lowered when the ATV is running, the tires will run over your feet.
    There are other ways to balance the body besides lowering the legs, namely positioning the body in the opposite direction. If the ATV tilts to the right, then lean to the left and vice versa.
  5. Bring Equipment
    The last tip for an exciting and fun ATV ride experience in Bali is to bring equipment.
    The first equipment that must be brought is a change of clothes. Why do you have to carry a replacement shoulder? Because you will not know how the weather and terrain that will be traversed. It could just pass through the river or the weather is pouring rain. If the main clothes are wet, then you can change clothes with a change of clothes.

Besides a change of clothes, don’t forget to bring sunblock or sunscreen. The hot weather on the island of Bali will certainly burn your skin, especially if touring is done during the day. Therefore, apply sunscreen all over the body before going off road

Lastly, don’t forget to bring your camera. It’s a shame if the scenery along the touring isn’t immortalized in the form of pictures right?!
So, that’s a complete review of tips for beginners to experience Bali ATV rides. Even if you’re a beginner, that’s no reason not to try out this adrenaline-challenging ride, right?! Therefore, apply all the tips above without exception!