The adventure of climbing a mountain is incomplete unless you have climbed Mount Batur in Bali. The experience of trekking on Mount Batur is particularly spectacular due of the breathtaking scenery. Climbers can spend as much time as they want at a caldera or crater lake in the southeast.

However, if you wish to explore this area, you must exercise caution. The reason for this is, of course, the state of the mountain, which is still active. Follow the suggestions below to climb Mount Batur safely and smoothly.

Trekking Experience on Mount Batur

It is critical for novice climbers or those climbing Mount Batur for the first time to first know the terrain. As a result, consider the following ideas to make your Mount Batur journey enjoyable and safe.

  1. Information about the Mountains
    Mount Batur is located in Kintamani, Bali’s Bangli Regency. This volcano is still active and has the potential to erupt at any time. The most powerful eruption occurred in 1926, engulfing Batur Village and the Ulun Danu Temple.
    Mount Batur is located 1,717 meters above sea level. Mount Agung and Mount Bratan are the highest mountains on the island of Bali.
    Nonetheless, you must meticulously arrange everything. Both in terms of equipment and fundamental hiking expertise.
  2. Mount Batur Routes and Tracks
    • Flight from Basecamp
    The journey begins at the first climbing post, often known as Basecamp. This location is close to Pura Jati Toya Bungkah Bangli.
    Pay attention here and pay a levy fee of IDR 10,000/person. A tour guide is also available for inexperienced climbers. The service is reasonably priced, at IDR 50,000 per person round trip.
    Climbers who wish to see the dawn should begin their ascent in the early hours of the morning. The best time is about 02.00 or 03.00 WITA.
    • Post 1
    Following administration in basecamp, the travel to post 1 continues. Unlike most mountains, the Mount Batur trail is rather simple.
    Paved roads dominate the first 3 kilometers of the track. So the travel time from basecamp to post 1 is only approximately an hour.
    In addition to the flat terrain, there are numerous routes to the summit of Mount Batur. As a result, climbers do not have to worry about becoming lost.
    • Post 2
    After arriving at Post 1, the journey continues to the summit of Mount Batur. The full ascent from basecamp to summit takes no more than three hours. So, following post number one, the remaining travel time is two hours.
    Unlike other mountains, the path to its peak is not densely forested. However, there are rocks and cliffs to the left and right of the track.
    Another feature that distinguishes Mount Batur is the densely populated tracking composition. Mount Batur is a popular tourist destination. Many domestic and foreign tourists visit Tektok only for the sake of sightseeing.
    • Mount Batur’s summit
    Tired and hungry after a three-hour walk? Ammunition can be loaded at the summit of Mount Batur. Yes, there are many vendors selling their things here. Begin with cooked sweet potatoes, then move on to boiled corn, quick noodles, and other munchies.

But make sure you have deep enough pockets, because the price of refreshments here is pretty high. No surprise, given traders here must also exert tremendous effort to put their items to the top.

The ultimate mix is sipping hot tea or coffee while watching the sunset.
That concludes our comprehensive review of guidelines for trekking Mount Batur or visit mount batur sunrise trekking tour Although the terrain is not particularly difficult, climbers must remain watchful and cautious. Given the state of Mount Batur, which is still active and capable of erupting at any time.